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We are all so different... My pictures reflect your individuality in an authentic way.
In 2018 i chose photography as a full time job. It's amazing to see that with time my style changes to something new... and does so every day.. When i am being asked what is my style i simply say "Creativity with a hint of Authenticity"
I remember my first ever shoot.. and boy was i worried that day? Human psychology is so interesting to me.. it makes you worry every time you do something new.. but with time you build a muscle to this experience and nail it!
I worked very hard to equipt myself with great gear! I let technology do it's work, while i do mine
I always knew i would work with people. In the past i worked in hospitality management, where i spent most of my hours at work & with people from all walks of life. I've learnt that communication was paramount, but also so hard to master. But once you get into the system it flows...
My photos tell a story.. your story in that particular moment. Every pixel reflects your personality. I strongly disagree when people say i am not photogenic. Believe me there is no such thing. We are all different and beautiful our way.
My passion for photography comes from young age. As a kid i always loved to create something beautiful and gaze at it.
It was lots of fun and pleasure doing my photo shoot in Bali at 6:30 am in the morning in the middle of nowhere with Umid. What I really liked about Umid that he makes you so relaxed and comfortable that you do not pose but behave naturally and he is doing his hard work in the meanwhile.
Great work, lots of fun and great results. Thank you and keep it up that way
Elena Krayushkina
shoot locations and organized order to accomplish several shoots was extremely productive; however, most impressive, was the finished product in which he delivers a high level skill set of raw and finished images/videos! AWESOME!!
Darryn Melerine
I felt very comfortable with Umid throughout our photography session. It was very easy to talk to him. He listened to what I wished for and at the same he also came up with great creative ideas for really nice photos. Communication before and after the photoshoot was also easy and quick.
Mike & Amanda
I had an amazing time. He did make me feel like a model!! Highly recommended to everyone. Very professional, artistic and friendly. Thank you once again!
Simona Vaitekunaite
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It is all about Authenticity
I call myself People's Photographer. I love to see how we are all different and unique. I fall into relationship with every person i work with, even though it's a quick encounter. This is how i create a story " Your Story "
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